January 28, 2012

Hand Painted Jewelry Boxes are Here!

Hey everyone! My hand painted vintage jewelry boxes are finally ready! You can buy them through my etsy shop. Here are a few pictures of what I have available so far. There will be two more huge ones available in the next week or so as well as another tiny guy like the blue one.

January 11, 2012

Unfinished work I am currently painting inspired by Camilla D'errico.I took two of her paintings that I really liked and placed them together to create this image. It's turning out really well and I am excited to hang it in my house. 36" x 48" Acrylic on canvas.

Make your own rug

Do you have a funny shaped space and you can't find the perfect rug? No worries! This fun and easy project is inexpensive and green!
Go to your local carpet store or any store that sells rugs (usually stores that order them for you, not somewhere that just has rugs in stock, also small family owned stores work better for this) and ask them if they would put aside their carpet samples for you when they become discontinued. Usually places will do this for free because the employees don't really want to take them home and might feel bad about throwing them out like I used to.
Once you have all your various samples, you can lay them out in the way that you want to create your rug. Grab some carpet tape and a friend and you will have a fabulous original rug in a few short hours!
Hint: you can also ask them to put aside discontinued upholstery samples, linen samples etc to use in other fun recycled projects! Sometimes upholstery samples are actually big enough to recover a stool or kitchen chair!